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What do users think about iHookup?

In this review we take a look at some iHookup Customer reports to find  out what the users of iHookup.com think about the site. Both the positive and negative reports of iHookup.com fall into just a few basic categories. Below we have grouped the iHookup.com customer reviews into positive and negative and we follow this up with some advice on how to ensure that you become one of the positive reports in the future!

Positive iHookup Customer Reports

  1. iHookup.com has a clean design
  2. iHookup.com is easy to use
  3. iHookup.com has lots of women in my area
  4. I hooked up on iHookup.com right away
  5. It took some work but iHookup helped me hook up

Negative iHookup Customer Reports

  1.  All the profiles are fake
  2. I never get an email back from anyone
  3. There are no women in my area
  4. I have been a member for 2 weeks and I haven’t hooked up once

Both the positive and negative iHookup.com Customer Reviews tend to revolve around the same 3 issues.

  1. The number of women – Let’s be clear, there are more men looking for dates online than women and if you aren’t in a major city center the difference in numbers will be even worse.
  2. Response from women – This is directly related to the issue above, women receive hundreds of messages every day and they have to sift through all of these messages to see yours. Even if you write an awesome email your targeted female may never even even see your message.
  3. Fake profiles – Again we can refer back to issue number one. Scammers of all stripes have realized that dating sites offer them an easy introduction to men who may be lonely and susceptible to a pretty face.

Below are 3 major tips you can use to give yourself the best possible chance of catching a potential dates attention.

Online Dating is a numbers game

A typical man will have to send out hundreds of messages just to get a handful of responses. Bulk, copy and paste message will be even less successful. Improve your chances of success by carefully reading a woman’s profile and looking at all of her pictures. Customize your message by including a comment about something she said in her profile or something you saw in her picture, but remember to be creative. For example, if she has a picture of herself playing a guitar don’t bother asking her if she can play it, instead ask her what the first song she learned to play was!

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Your profile picture is the first thing a woman will see. If you have  poor photo or there is something distasteful or disturbing in your photo you aren’t going to get many responses. Spend some time to carefully choose a photo which shows you clearly. If you are a bit overweight don’t waste time trying to find a photo that makes you look skinny. Just find one that highlights your best feature. Maybe it’s your smile or your eyes, whatever it is make sure that it is front and center in your photo. Your photo should clearly show you and it should NEVER include a children, for many, many reasons. Pets can enhance a photo but should be limited to one. No one wants to date the crazy cat lady (YES, a single man who owns 20 cats is still referred to as a crazy cat lady).

Watch out for Scams

The internet is full of scams. The classic Nigerian Prince scam email is no longer the largest scam in the world. Online dating offers a fertile ground for criminals from Nigeria (and Ghana) to hook lonely men in North America into a false relationship with a collection of stolen photographs. Learn to spot scammers with 3 simple rules:

  1. If it looks too good to be true, it is
  2. No real woman gives out her email/personal info before she has spoken to you
  3. NEVER send money to someone you met on the internet

Use these tips and be careful and you can make your online dating experience, on iHookup.com or any other dating site, the best it can possibly be.

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